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4D flashcards

Product Intro

       Augmented Reality(Ar)4D Flashcards create a fantastic world for kids of 3-10 years old .When you point your device's camera at a flashcard, a 3D figure will jump out onto the screen. You can explore and play with the object,listen to its name in different languages, take great photos to share with friends, and more Many exciting options are waiting for you。

1、Product appearance



2、cards content

        4D Flashcards has 50 cards, including 4 for sea creatures, 4 for dinosaurs, 10 for other animals, 13 for vehicles and 9 for fruits and vegetables.

        We have provided 6 test cards, and you need to use our unlock code to unlock the rest of the CARDS before you can identify all the cards.




         There are 7 languages in total, and we can choose according to our own needs in the process of using the APP.



        The second way to play paint the turtle in your favorite color, open the "4D Flashcards"APP and press Painting Game Go to enter.

        Click"Painting Game Go,, and enjoy the painting game with the picture downloaded from

        Click the fish sign on the top right, In the second game, you can rotate the image

and view the animal from different angles



        I hope these introductions will satisfy you. If you have any requirements or questions, please feel free to contact us by using the following contact information:

        Sale Service department head:Lei lan



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